Best Game Camera

Best Game Camera

Trail or game cameras have now become a very helpful and important tool for hunters to try keeping track of what kinds of animals are frequently found in their hunting grounds and to see where animals tend to visit the most. If it were not for game cameras, hunters would still be sitting and scouting in tree stands or blinds waiting for an animal to walk by, which is very time-consuming.

Indeed, game cameras can do all the work for you, wherein what is left for you to do is to just view the images that the camera has collected and simply move the camera to another place if the previous location did not work.

There are different game cameras available on the market. Each model has features that may or may not be important for your needs. It is then important to find out what features are worth more or less.

You would not want to pay for something you will not be using. Picture and video quality, battery life, setup and recovery time are just some of the features you will have to check because they can make or break the performance of a game camera.

How to choose the best game camera

In choosing the best game camera, you need to check the trigger speed since it makes a big difference. Base the trigger speed you prefer on where and how you intend to use the game camera. If you just hang the camera, then there is no need for a really fast trigger speed.

But if you intend to catch photos of game you plan to capture, then a good trigger speed is what you need. Also, look into the recovery time.

This is the amount of time it takes the camera to get ready to take another shot after the first picture. This is important because a slow recovery time could mean missing out on many pictures.

You need to consider the battery life of the game camera as well. This is a huge factor in choosing a product since most of the time cameras are hung in remote places that make it unable for the user to check it daily.

Thus, a long battery life is needed to ensure that it does not need replacing every single time. And yes, you have to make sure that the camera does take high-quality photos and videos. You do not want dull daytime images and dark night time photos, right? Blurry videos are also useless.

What to look for in a good game camera

A competent flash is something you need to look for in a good game camera. But first, you need to decide if you want an infrared flash or an incandescent model.

The former is the best option for hunters who want to capture photos during night time as discreetly as possible and without worrying about the visible flash that could scare animals away, or let thieves know that you own such a device if you are using the camera as a security device in your home or property. The latter, on the other, ensures excellent night time photo quality.

A well-performing detection system is another important feature. The wider and more distant it can be, the better. Reaching 80’ or more is a good sign since this means a higher degree field of view.

You should also look for a high resolution.  This is the measurement of the number of pixels that a photo will contain. A higher resolution means clearer and crisper pictures, but also means more expense.

Higher-end cameras have 8 to 10 megapixels while the mid-range models have 5 to 7 megapixels. A good built-in viewer may also seem not a necessity, but it actually gives more benefits than expected.

Since a lot of viewing screens let you see how many photos were already taken, you can view the photos right where you are. Thus, no need to travel far from your home to the location just to see the photos.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera

Nowadays, cameras have become a part of people’s daily lives. But some are designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors, which mostly applies for hunters. This camera is known as a game/trail camera. And if you are into that, then there is the Bushnell Trophy Aggressor Wireless Trail Camera for you to check out.


  • 0 megapixel
  • HD video resolution is 1280 x 720
  • Has a gaps data tag
  • Contains a day/night auto sensor


The Bushnell Trophy Aggressor Wireless Trail Camera provides the widest viewing area possible. It utilizes time-lapse technology, which automatically captures images at preset intervals of one minute to one hour, whatever your hours of choices are.

Also, it uses the cloud in uploading your photos to the locations you have configured in the settings of your camera, which happens just moments after they are taken. And take note, it is the first network-approved wireless trail camera.

To add, it has 14.0 megapixels wherein the connectivity comes right off the box. A SIM card and prepaid data plan from Bushnell are available. Plus, it offers the sharpest after-dark imagery with the help of the new hyper night vision system.

There is also a motion sensor that can reach out to 60’ or beyond, and offers an intensely expanded coverage area due to its hyper PIR.

Further, it’s got 48 no-glow black LEDs with 60’ range that is invisible to game and other hunters. Other great features include 3G wireless functionality (which is compatible only in the US), daily location monitoring and lightning fast trigger speed that is as fast as 0.3 seconds.

What’s more is that you can monitor dusk and dawn movement with two available time slots.


A big disadvantage is that it can’t connect to an external antenna. Also, do not rely too much on the coverage area indicated on its website since it is said to be wrong. There are also reports saying that the camera stopped sending photos just after a few days of use.


The Bushnell Trophy Aggressor Wireless Trail Camera is a highly recommended product for many reasons. One is that there is a free downloadable Android and iOS app that can be used for sending photos to a smartphone, e-mail or web (hello Facebook!).

An adjustable web belt and ¼-20 socket are also included. Its multi-image mode can capture one to three images per trigger. And yes, it is weatherproof. Another is that it uses the cloud for uploading your pictures to the location you configured in the camera settings, which happens in just a very short while.

TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Most cameras have basic features. But if you want more, then say hello to the TEC.BEAN HD Game and Trail Camera!


  • Comes with a 2” color Viewer TFT LCD that shows various details for more accurate data used to observe plants or animals
  • Includes an advanced and unique solid case, password and IP66 high waterproof certification for three-level protection


The TEC.BEAN HD Game and Trail Camera contains five capture modes, as well as a patented motion freeze. And together with its advanced motion detection technology, it is great for surveillance of animals.

It’s got a fast trigger speed from 0.6 to 0.8 seconds, and has a highly sensitive passive infra-red motion sensor (PIR), making sure that the camera is triggered by any movement.

In addition, it has a low power consumption due to a patented energy-saving device in the lens. The standby current is as low as 0.3mA.

You might need to replace batteries after six months though, so just prepare eight AA batteries. There are also 36pcs/940nm invisible IR LEDs, enabling the camera to capture pictures or videos up to 23 meters/75’ distance, even at night.

You can also choose among the capture modes such as photo, video, time lapse, hybrid (camera + video) and motion detection. This helps you get the proper mode for different kinds of observation to attain more convenience.

High resolution is also promised as this device has 12 megapixels for pictures, permitting up to nine continuous shootings per trigger (given that it has a trigger speed of 0.6 to 0.8 seconds).


The camera seemed to only work half of the time in some instances. It tends to also say “no file” when it takes photos. Its fresh batteries also die after being used for just a few days.

Some captured modes seemed to fail in capturing even big things in front of the camera. Plus, although you can transfer videos to your laptop, they do not play, as stated by some customers.


The TEC.BEAN HD Game and Trail Camera is definitely the camera you should consider buying. It’s got three-level protection—first, an advanced unique solid case serves as the first layer of protection; second, a password is required for the trail camera; third, it is IP66 high waterproof certified that enables it to protect your hunting camera from sand, moist, rain, dust, and corrosion.

Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera

Different kinds of cameras exist, and one example is a remote camera. This type is placed in areas where the photographer cannot be in. Now, one type of a remote camera is called a game or trail camera and to learn more about it, here is the Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera to get you started!


  • Has 12.0 megapixels
  • Trigger speed is less than one second
  • Flash range is up to 50’
  • Flash technology uses long-range infrared that is 850 nm
  • 480 pixels for videos


The Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera has an excellent photo and video quality. It’s got 12 megapixels and has a trigger speed of less than one second. Indeed, it captures very quickly and accurately.

You are also allowed to control the image quality and storage by selecting between two resolution settings: low (1600 x 1200 pixels) and high (4000 x 3000 pixels). A 4:3 aspect ratio and 480p quality are intended for videos. In addition, it comes with 850 nm night time infrared flash technology as well as 32 LEDS, enabling discreet illumination and capture of pictures of game up to 50’ away in the dark.

What’s more is that you can take as many as 16,000 images just by providing eight AA batteries for the camera. Choose the lithium batteries for a longer battery life, especially in times of harsh weather conditions.

In addition, there is an AC power mode and a low-power motion detect delay function that helps in providing the essential power required in planning a successful hunt. And for you to get the most out of your preparation for hunting, there are multiple image modes wherein you can go from multi-shot to single-image mode.


The trigger seemed to hardly pick up anything. The motion sensing also only works on the left part, probably just about 1/3 of the viewing area. What’s more is that does not have an invisible flash, making the game spot the camera and react by running away. Moreover, the shutter speed or ISO can’t be changed, so you can’t fix blurry photos.


The Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera is an acclaimed product even if some customers are not impressed,  because it is sturdy, compact and weatherproof. It is protected by a Python lock-compatible clasp and gets to store photos and videos on compatible SH/SDHC Class 4 memory cards.

Further, the camera can be easily mounted on trees by using ¼-20 bottom tripod mounts and back slots.

Stealth Cam P18 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera

Hunting is not an easy and safe task. But hunters still exist either for work or leisure. And to help you out, there is a camera to aid you in monitoring if a game is lurking in your hunting area. Presenting, the Stealth Cam P18 Compact Scouting Camera!


  • 60’ flash range
  • Comes with EZ Dial programming with quickset
  • Can choose burst mode that takes 1-6 pictures per triggering from five to 59 sec or one to 59 min recovery time
  • Displays time, date and moon phase on external LCD display


The Stealth Cam P18 Compact Scouting Camera has 18 night time emitters that help illuminate an area having a 50-foot range. Quality digital photos are also ensured, with its ability to deliver crisp and colorful daytime pictures as well as sharp black and white night time images.

In addition, it comes with a burst rapid-fire mode that delivers 1-6 photos per triggering. Its quick-set dial contains three preset modes and helps in easy setup. There is also a manual setup that avoids any hassle in setting up this gear in the field.

Plus, its design is intended for capturing wildlife activities due to its 50’ range and 7.0 megapixels. What’s more is that it measures 4.25” wide and 5.0” high.

An energy efficient design and quick set come with it too for that simple and fast setup. This also means that it helps in maintaining a long battery life, so no worries on replacing batteries every so often. And to monitor battery life, an indicator is available.


According to some users, the camera has a poor daytime detection. And no matter where it is positioned and how many times it has been reset, it’s no help. Night photos are also blurry. It is not waterproof either.


Though a big issue lies on poor detection the Stealth Cam P18 Compact Scouting Camera has, nevertheless, it remains an acclaimed product. Takes high-quality pictures? Check. Easy setup. Check as well. It captures crisp and colorful daytime images and produces sharp black and white pictures at night.

Furthermore, it’s got 7.0 megapixels plus a mini USB output for fast downloading capabilities in the field. And with a quick set dial (that has three preset modes) an easier assembly in the field is possible.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

CCTVs are not the only cameras that can be used for security purposes since a game camera can also be an option. If you want to know more about this camera, you may want to investigate some of these models on your own. And for you to check out, here is the Browning Strike Force Game Camera.


  • Is lightning fast with a 0.67-second trigger time
  • Can record HD videos with audio from five seconds to two minutes
  • Has a long battery life from six AA batteries (not included)
  • Has a 100’ flash range
  • Comes with Browning Buck Watch time lapse viewer software


The Browning Strike Force Game Camera has a detection circuit that works reasonably well since it can still capture a body part even if the animal is 25’ away. Its battery life is surprisingly long, too, despite just needing six AA batteries.

Check the battery life as well with the built-in battery level indicator. Further, it has a 10-megapixel picture quality and takes zero-blur night IR photos and HD video clips.

That is why, if you want a lightning fast performance, it can, due to its 0.67-second trigger speed. It also comes with a night time Infrared flash that ranges 100’.

And even if it is one of the smallest high-performance cameras used by hunters, its size does not define its capability. Another thing is that it has the elite features similar to the rest of the Browning trail camera line. Great versatility and options are possible too, allowing you to adjust the burst mode and timing.


The IR flash is visible which does not help for security purposes since it will make a potential thief steal the camera because it noticed the device. Also, it has a cheap plastic latch that easily breaks. It does not come with a field viewer, so you can’t see the pictures in the field or even check the alignment.


The Browning Strike Force Game Camera is truly a recommended product. For one, it does not take blurry night IR photos. Its video clips are recorded in HD as well, which can last from five seconds to two minutes.

It has a 0.67-second trigger speed too, which helps make for a lightning-fast performance. You can also connect it to a PC or TV by using a USB cable, though you have to buy this separately.